How to Keep Your Skin Looking Great Through the Cold Season

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Great Through the Cold Season

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Great Through the Cold Season

The cold season can wreak havoc on your skin. When the weather gets colder, the air becomes dryer; this means that your face and body are losing more moisture than usual. The colder air also causes your pores to constrict, which clogs up the pores and leads to pimples and blackheads. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your skin looking great in the cold season, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious as you bundle up in scarves and hats and mittens every day. Here are 9 ways to keep your skin glowing all winter long.

  • Drink more water

Staying hydrated is important for your skin, and if you're drinking enough water, it can also be a great way to get rid of dry skin that might come with the cold weather. Drinking more water can help prevent your skin from feeling tight and dry, which will make it feel more elastic and plump. It's important that you drink eight glasses of water every day (or 64 ounces) in order to keep your skin looking healthy. If you want to really see some results, try cutting down on caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea as these can act as diuretics and flush out all of the extra water in your body.

  • Wear gloves outside

When your skin is exposed to harsh winter weather, you're going to want some protection. The cold can dry out and irritate your skin, but luckily there are ways you can protect it. One way is by wearing gloves outside in the winter. This will provide an extra layer of protection against those cold winds that could damage your skin and keep it hydrated at the same time. You can wear any type of glove, but make sure they fit snugly so that they don't fall off as you go about your day.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking great during the cold season. Not only does it remove excess dirt and oil, it also stimulates cell turnover and boosts collagen production. In other words, exfoliating will reveal a brighter and smoother complexion. If you're like me, you might be tempted to skip on exfoliating because it seems a little harsh on dry skin. But fear not! You can still reap all of these benefits without stripping your skin off its natural oils by using gentle scrubs that contain moisturising ingredients such as shea butter or jojoba oil. These will not only soften your skin, they'll also help keep it hydrated while making sure you don't miss out on any of those important benefits.

  • Use a gentle cleanser

It's important to use a gentle cleanser during the cold season because your skin is more prone to dryness and irritation. A cleanser that is specifically designed for sensitive skin will also be best because it contains soothing ingredients like aloe and chamomile. It's also a good idea to switch up your products every few months so that your skin doesn't become used to them. This will help keep your skin looking great through the winter time!

Try our KARE Gentle Milk Cleanser! It is super gentle on the skin and non-drying and contains so many nutrients that help keep the skin hydrated and glowing.

  • Moisturise

Moisturising your skin is an easy way to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. Moisturisers hydrate your skin, protect against environmental damage, and help maintain its natural elasticity. You should moisturise your skin every day. Make sure you’re using a moisturiser that suits your needs, such as cream- or lotion-based lotions for dry skin; gel or oil-based products for oily skin; or mousse for sensitive skin.

  • Get enough sleep!

Another best way to keep your skin looking great through cold season is getting enough sleep. This will have a positive effect on not just your skin, but on your whole body. Sleep deprivation causes stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline to be released, which damages collagen production in our skin and makes it more susceptible to dryness and wrinkles. Getting eight hours of sleep every night will help reduce these stress hormones, which can make all the difference in how you feel as well as how your skin looks.

  • Exercise daily

Exercise is a great way to keep your skin healthy and looking great. Exercise can increase blood flow, which delivers oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. It also increases your body temperature, which helps stimulate collagen production in the skin. Finally, exercise also increases levels of endorphins, which can reduce stress and help you feel good about yourself.

  • Steer Clear of Highly Processed Foods

It's easy for your skin to feel the effects of cold weather. Processed foods are generally high in sugar, which can lead to dull skin and breakouts. In addition, processed foods are often loaded with unhealthy fats and ingredients that make it difficult for your body to fight off winter ills like colds or the flu. Make sure you're eating plenty of fruits and vegetables so your body has enough vitamin C and antioxidants as well as healthy fats that will help you keep your skin looking great!

  • Wear lipbalm/ lip mask everyday

It's really important to keep your lips hydrated when it is cold outside. Use a lip mask every night before bed. You can make your own by combining shea butter and coconut oil and warming in a microwave for 30 seconds. Warm up the mixture on your fingers, and then apply all over your lips, paying special attention to dry patches.

Try our KARE Vegan Lip Balm! Filled with rich cacao butter, soothing oils and Vitamin E, it will keep your lips super hydrated and moisturised. Contains no petroleum jelly!


There you have it, 9 ways to keep your skin healthy and looking great through the cold season. Remember that any of these practices may not work for you; what works for me may not work for you. Experiment with them and find out what works best for your skin type.

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